Our journey began as an online retailer in 2007. In 2015, our first Kidzone product - Playpen introduced us to the world to provide fun and safety to parents and kids. Starting from 2018, we began to develop and expand our product line to kids ride-on. We brought our first ATV product to the market which motivates us to create more products that families can enjoy together.

Inspiration & Bumper Car

In 2019, we set up a new goal to find enjoyment that allows our little friends to enjoy freedom during an activity for adults. From market research and observation, most of the ride-ons in the market are only for children 3 years of age and older. In carnival, bumper car rides are the most popular ride but it only allows kids when there is an adult accompanying them. We should break the rule and bring the joy home! That is the birth of bumper cars. A special and unique ride for kids to bump everywhere in the house safely.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the safest entertainment for children. Happiness is contagious. When our little friends are riding on Kidzone’s ride, their laughter can spread to everyone around. A 5-minute ride-on fun can create memories for you and your kids. Priceless memories filled with fun, joy and laughter for your family.


At Kidzone, each of us is a kid at heart. When kids and families see our products, they will be ‘wow’ by it. What does ‘wow’ mean? It means something amazing, exciting and everyone screams wow when they see it. Kids have unlimited imagination so we create all our products from it plus the safety from adults’ perspective. Your childhood dream car can come true at Kidzone. It is important for us to be the leader of the market who creates the trend.


Contribution to Society

As a brand for kids, we love to collaborate with kids organizations and NGOs to spread joy, kindness and care to kids with special needs. We value every opportunity to work with them as it is a way for us to provide support and encouragement for these children. The taste of independence may not be for everyone. With the help of technology, they can enjoy the freedom like other kids on the move. Being one of their sources of happiness means alot to us.

Meet the Team

At Kidzone, we have a talented and united team here to bring endless joy to you and your family.
Creative & Technical team - Your idea will never be crazy to us. We transform your dream car to a tiny version for your child. We make all the impossible possible and bring it into your home.
Design/Graphic team - Bring out the beauty of your dream ride-on to make it trendy, unique and Instagrammable. Every shoot you take with our designed ride-on, it will be a lovely moment and worth keeping it in your family album.
Quality Check - Safety and satisfaction are our principles. We treat your ride-on toys like our cars. We ensure our products are free from bugs, quality issues and operational problems. Speed tests, ASTM, CPC, quality tests or any type of tests you can think of for every ride-on toy. Choosing Kidzone is a right choice as you can enjoy problem-free ride-on experience.
Customer Service - Our team understands every detail of our products so as to support our value customers. If you have any questions or issues with our ride-on toys, feel free to reach out to us. Don’t be shy, we would be happy to assist you.
Marketing - Keeping up with the latest news, promotions and products with the trend is our mission. As we know, sharing is caring. We love to share all the happiness and playful messages. Follow us and we will keep you posted with amazing news and sale events!

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