The Best Holiday Gifts to Delight Your Kids

The season of gifting is here! Kidzone ride on toys come in a wide range of styles, specifications, and features. Check out this post to select the perfect ride on that will make your little one squeal in happiness.

Age & Weight

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We have ride on toys suitable for a wide range of ages. Each individual toy is, however, designed to ensure maximum safety, perfect for a particular age group. Selecting a ride on that fits your child’s age group and aids his development is an important aspect to keep in mind. Below listed are Kidzone ride on toys categorized according to the various age groups.

For Ages 1.5+

12V Bumper Car

Bring the fun and excitement of the amusement park right into your home with our 12 bumper car. This cool bumper car spins a full 360 degrees for an adventurous riding experience. Colorful LED lights and Bluetooth music will enamor little ones and they’ll love the festive feel of this electric bumper car. We’ve designed this ride on car for toddlers 1.5+ so even the little ones can steal some moments of thrill and adventure in a safe and comfortable bumper car. The powerful 12V batteries allow for thrilling speeds of up to 1.3 mph. It’s ASTM certified with a safety belt and anti-flat tires to ensure the best safety and comfort for your little ones.

Let’s let out a little secret—you can customize this bumper car to get a personalized license plate with your kid’s name, date, city, and state. An exclusive feature that’ll win the hearts of little ones! See them zoom around the neighborhood with pride and joy on this unique bumper car with its very own license plate.

6V Bumper Car

A ride on car perfect for toddlers aged 1.5+, this 6V bumper car is loaded with fun features such as a 360 degrees spin and colorful flashing lights. No more spending long hours waiting in queues at the amusement park. Your little one’s favorite amusement ride comes home with this bumper car. A safe max speed of 0.75 mph offers an exciting time without overspeeding. It’s the perfect way to brighten up your kid’s playtime this holiday season. Safety is always our priority, so this bumper car is fitted with a seat belt and anti-flat tires and is ASTM certified.

Two Driving Modes Bumper Car

Whether your kid wants to explore his sense of adventure and independence or you want to steer this bumper car, we’ve got you covered. Your kid can use the simple joystick controls to ride this bumper car on his own or you can take charge and direct the bumper car with the included remote control. The remote control feature is particularly useful if your little one is too young to drive on his own. 360-degree spin, Bluetooth music, and colorful LED lights deliver more fun and smiles.

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For Ages 3-6


Your kid will be on cloud nine when she receives this cool aircraft ride on. For all aspiring pilots, this is a dream gift. It has realistic details to fuel your kid’s imagination, including airplane start sounds, machine-gun fire and bomb sound, MP3 music, foldable wings with supporting wheels and a custom hand-stitched faux leather seat for a comfy feel.


Let your little one experience the fun of being on a farm in your very own backyard. This tractor ride on toy comes with bright LED headlights and a detachable trailer for a realistic look. Your little ones will love transporting their favorite toys in the trailer. You can even ask them to help you with moving a few garden supplies in their realistic trailer. Four large wheels allow your budding farmer to move this ride on toy smoothly on any surface, including grass, dirt, or gravel.

4 Wheeler

An ATV-style ride on toy with stylish looks, built-in horn, music, engine sounds, and LED lights. Let your kid enjoy the outdoors with this 4 wheeler with off-road style tires that offer a comfortable ride on any terrain. Whether it’s the backyard, neighborhood, park, or beach—this ATV ride on is a perfect fit for all your kid’s outdoor adventures.

Chevrolet Silverado

This officially licensed miniature model looks like the real Chevrolet Silverado Trail Boss. Cool features such as LED lights, startup sounds, and openable doors will impress your little one. It has an extra-wide seat, so your kid can ride with his friend or sibling for added fun!

Licensed Ride-ons

Kidzone has licensed models of luxury cars such as the Lamborghini Aventador, Lamborghini Sian, and Land Rover Discovery. These amazing sports car-inspired ride on toys are every child’s dream come true, and Christmas is the best time to fulfill their wishes!


For Ages 3+

Check out our realistic-looking ride on trucks with off-road style tires and an elevated suspension. Older kids can enrich their sense of adventure by riding these cool trucks on any terrain. The rugged design is perfect for slightly older kids and they can even bring a friend along, thanks to the extra-wide seat. Team 7 and the Lamborghini URUS are other cool ride on toys we feature for this age group.

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Wheel Capability

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We offer high-performance EVA tires on many of our ride-on toys that allow for a smooth and comfortable riding experience on several terrains, including sand, stone, grass, and mud. The following ride on toys feature EVA tires:


Storage Deck

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One of the most significant benefits of Kidzone ride on toys is that they offer innumerable opportunities for building cognitive ability and independence. This is why several of our ride on toys come with storage decks in which your kids can store their toys, snacks, and other items. The next time you’re headed for a stroll outside, ask your kid to pack some of his stuff and watch him grow in terms of independence and thinking. Below listed are our ride on toys that feature storage for added convenience and cognitive skills enhancement.

Make the Christmas season merrier for your little ones by gifting them their favorite Kidzone ride on toy. Take a sneak peek at our collection of ride on toys now.